the swimprint difference

A lot of people ask us how we produce such amazing swimming caps. What is our secret?
The truth is, just like a great cup of coffee, it’s all down to the ingredients used, who makes the coffee and just how the coffee is made.
We use only the highest quality caps that we can find.
We use ultra specialist inks, specially produced for Swimprint.
We add in the craftsmanship of designers and printers with decades of experience.
And to top it all, we are owned and operated by a swimmer. An Olympic Swimmer who swam for Team GB for over a decade.
We know what makes a swimming cap great, not just good, and we never compromise on quality.
This mix is what has kept us in business for over thirty years and has helped us to be supply over 10 million swimming caps worldwide, to swimmers in over 100 countries and in the process becoming the trusted supplier of thousands of schools, companies, universities, events and clubs worldwide.

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highest quality caps

When you have over 5,000 customers worldwide, have produced literally millions of caps over thirty years in business and love swimming the way we do - you know what makes a great swimming cap.

Swimprint swimming caps are premium. Top quality.

You can find cheaper. But you won’t find better.


unique inks and CRAFTSMANSHIP

Our craftsmen printers and designers are really at the top of their game. Able to craft a cap in a single colour or multiple colours to astonishing levels of detail. Every single cap is hand printed and finished with the care you would expect from true craftsmen.

We do not import from Third World factories that use child labour or pay slave labour wage levels. We’re proudly British and proudly European.


a cup of coffee?

Why the cup of coffee? Because that’s about the cost of an average swimming cap, and people forget that.

Your coffee lasts perhaps ten minutes. Your Swimprint premium quality silicone swimming cap can last thousands of hours of swimming.

Just like coffee you can buy cheaper brands that don;t taste as good, and you can buy coffee produced in a sweat shop. But it will never be the same experience as a premium product you know is sourced ethically.