The most commonly asked question is "what swimming cap is right for me?".  

Here is a short guide ...... if you get stuck and you are still not sure which cap is right for your club, school, event or venue please speak to us at Swimprint for more information.


Great for entry level swimmers – these are thinner than other types of swim caps and are easy to fit. Popular with swimming schools for junior swimmers.

Latex caps are good value, making them fantastic for events e.g. Triathlons, Open Water Swimming events, where large quantities are required for single use requirements.

The minimum time that we can usually obtain latex swimming caps in is three weeks.  All other cap types are kept in stock and so we can sometimes rush an order through if required.


Ideal for club and regular swimmers.  Silicone is thicker than latex, making it more durable and robust.  The cap is flat and can be printed to both sides and silicone caps look great in bold colours.  This is our biggest selling cap and our most popular cap for swimming clubs

Moulded Silicone

Great for club and regular swimmers.  All the benefits of a silicone cap, with the added fit of a moulded shape, creating a smooth hydrodynamic outline in the water.  More comfortable to wear than the flat silicone cap and has the added benefit of being able to be printed to the front, the back as well as both sides.

Race caps

Perfect for performance swimmers.  3D domed shaped racing caps are designed to give the best fit and smoothest, wrinkle free, hydrodynamic profile.  Often described as Bullet caps, 3D Race caps are shaped like your head - domed.   These caps are worn by the best swimmers in the world because they make the difference between first and second place.  These caps have been tested by the best sport science laboratories around the world to prove they are faster than other types of swimming cap.

Like the moulded cap, 3D Domed caps can be printed to the front, the back and to both sides.  It is also possible to print over the crown to really create unique looking cap.


Great for young children as extremely easy to get on, and popular with swim classes.  Also popular for swimming pools where wearing a swimming caps is mandatory.  Made up of stitched panels this cap is available in different assorted colours and can be printed to both sides.